Precious White Truffle 200,00 €/hg

It is the Truffle par excellence, the most prized and known all over the world for its peculiarity due to the intense aroma it gives off and its extremely delicate taste. Closing your eyes and inhaling the scent of the White Truffle is letting yourself be carried away into the dimension of a fantastic dream. Perhaps this is why he is attributed with aphrodisiac properties. Ocher yellow in color, it has a smooth rind and a hazelnut-colored pulp with thin white veins. Its shape can be more or less regular according to the collection medium.

The minimum purchase order is 100g, sizes from 10g to 25g.

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Precious White Truffle

Harvest period: from late September to 31 December.

Use: preferably raw, thinly sliced directly on the dishes, better if not too elaborate to savor in the most natural way all the taste of this precious tuber. It creates a perfect combination with: fried eggs, classic fondue, creamy risotto, traditional tagliolino or meat tartare. However, it is excellent on any dish.


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