Truffle Sauce 180 gr


Truffle specialties, creams and sauces to spread on croutons, toasts, bruschettas, or to accompany first courses, meats, cheeses. Recommended for fillings (meats or pastas).


Truffle Sauce

Type of Truffle Summer Black (tuber aestivum vitt.)
Package size (gr/ml) for gourmets 180 gr/ml
Allergens Gluten Free, Lactose Free (Milk), Egg Free, Sulphite Free, Celery Free, Fish Free, Peanut Free, Allergen Free
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Preparation based on mushrooms, extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil, black olives and summer truffle, it is suitable as a dressing for croutons and fillings for appetizers, first and second courses, omelettes and as a base for all truffle dishes To make the best use of the qualities of the product, it is recommended to use a quantity of 15-20 g of sauce per person, heating for 5 minutes in a pan after adding only salt and extra virgin olive oil.


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